Here Are 5 Vines We Will Miss The Most

Yo yo yo my nizzle! What’s crack-a-lacking, my fine fellowed acquaintances

Salutations! (MRWGifs)

So here’s the 411, homies!

So listen up! (GrabYaJimmie)

So this thing called Vine is going extinct, like the dinosaurs or iPods and junk!

Ew! (Mashable)

And we are like totally buggin’ about it!

Yeah! What she said! (Pinterest)

And we are like totally sad about it!

Like actually though! (OUT)

In memoriam, we are going to countdown the top 5 Vines we will miss now that Vine is gone!

Vine! (Tumblr)

1. This One

Many hours were wasted laughing at this one!

2. This one too

It’s a rollercoaster ride of #relatablecontent from beginning to end!

3. Who could ever forget this classic Vine?

One word: Priceless!

4. We could never forget about you!

Who knew that a Vine could be so educational?


5. And last, but of course not least:

The original gut buster! What a classic in Vinery!


What are your favorite vines? Which ones should we have added?


Let us know in the comments below! Until next time!



1 thought on “Here Are 5 Vines We Will Miss The Most

  1. This is such a great post because it’s a) very timely, b) a good break from midterms and pre-Thanksgiving chaos and c) such great clickbait. I definitely needed the 12-hour Gregorian chant meditation music and the gif of Harry at the end made my day. Nice job!


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