Top 5 Whatever Because Who Cares It Is Finals Season

Do you even need an introduction from us anymore?

dont-careIDC!!!! (Gif-Central.Blogspot.Com)

Like, I would love to do this in-depth but like I have finals and stuff.

tumblr_mqg3jex2mk1rv4cqpo1_500Finals had me like actually (Tumblr)

Do you even know how difficult Intro to Bio is? In this economy?

giphy“Jobs” teehee maybe? whatever(Giphy)

Did that joke even make sense? No, it really didn’t. Did I stutter or care? Nope.

giphy-1That’s what I thought, fool. (Giphy)

But I like have a test in like 2 hours but I still gotta do this I guess.

6358479403386149541249363561_635541778892299326-444840027_tumblr_n5f6mgwith1r9kfc5o1_500SERIOUSLY? What is a Ribosome? (

So ummmmmmmmm…. here are the Top Five… whatever because who cares it is finals season and I am way too tired for this.

giphy-2Ugh mom, I dont want to do this trite! (Giphy)

1.  Look at this thing

See the pretty thing? Isn’t it engaging? Click it so I can get paid.

zum5bqkLook! (Imgur)

2. But wait, how about this?

Oh wow! It’s a thing that you’ve seen before probably or not I don’t care.

tumblr_nnltxskvlx1titub2o1_500Look at the thingy! (Tumblr)

3. Or maybe this will distract you I guess

Isn’t this generic gif somehow super relatable to your life? Maybe? Oh well…

tumblr_mz3xfsfrkx1riu06po1_500Relatable content i guess maybe idc (Tumblr)

4. Oh look a meme i guess

Oh wow! This is totally not dated or whatever. I want to cry and hold my mom.

rawwho cares? my anthro paper is due in like tomorrow (Tenor)

5. Are you even still reading?

Did you enjoy it? Did you really enjoy this?

giphygoogle searches make my job easy (

Do I care? Not really…

giphy-3Leo gets it #actuallyrelatable (Giphy)

HAHAHA! Now wasn’t that #relatable? Like, didn’t you so relate to that?

tumblr_n2emqm9drm1ts5e4xo1_500Relatable (

Thank God! Years of market research has found that the detached look is really in now and totally works!

http-%2f%2fmashable-com%2fwp-content%2fgallery%2ftriumph%2flucy-haleParty!!!!!!! (Mashable)

Did you find this engaging and oh so #relatable? What else do you think  we should have added? Let us know in the comments below!

largeIn the comments below! (Giphy)

Until next time at #Relatable:

tumblr_nmt672n4pp1sjc5sqo1_500Peace, fam! (Tumblr)


3 thoughts on “Top 5 Whatever Because Who Cares It Is Finals Season

  1. I had to stifle my laugh in the library, because this post is hilarious. This post is definitely chaotic, but in a good way. It’s funny and clever. I enjoy the satire and parody of this whole blog generally. Your post summed up how I feel about the internet in relation to finals, to be honest. Chaotic times to be online.


  2. This post is definitely doing a lot but honestly, what college student isn’t this time of year? Great way of capturing the collective mood of finals/post-Thanksgiving hell. The gifs were great and you did a great job at keeping the post authentic and in your voice.


  3. Thanks for providing me with some random content to zone out to while attempting to do some work (aka laying in bed with a fuzzy blanket). You make reading blog posts enjoyable by providing content I’d probably use to distract myself from other work.


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