Top 11 Reasons You Should Stop What You Are Doing And Go To McDonalds® Right Now

Hey, you!

ShaqPointGif.gifYeah, you! (The Classical)

Yeah, you! What are you just doing sitting around?

confused??? (Pinterest)

Wouldn’t you rather be enjoying a warm, nutritious McDonald’s® meal right now?

fifth-element-mcdonaldsmmmhhhmmm (Tumblr)

But wait, you might be stupidly asking yourself, why would I want to go to McDonald’s® RIGHT NOW?

britney??? (PopKey)

Stop asking stupid questions and listen up!

30-rockYeah! What she said! (Pinterest)

Don’t worry! #Relatable has got you covered! Here are the 11 reasons you should stop everything and consume go to McDonald’s® RIGHT NOW!

mcdonalds-1CONSUME Enjoy! (Tenor)

1. McDonald’s® Now Has 24/7 Breakfast

breakfast-1Yum! Yum! Yum! (Giphy)

2. McDonald’s® Is Open 24/7

24 7 mc.gifOpen Later Than The Club(Chicago Dispatcher)

3. McDonald’s® Is Healthy For You

mj micky ds.gifSuperstar Michael Jordan Thinks So (Stereogum)

4. McDonald’s® Is Good For Your Soul

spongebob soul.gifLook! A Thing You Probably Have Seen And Can Relate To (Tumblr)

5. McDonald’s® Will Make You 20% Hotter

model mcdonalds.gifWho needs statistical evidence when you have a sexy model? (

6. McDonald’s® Will Make That Hot Girl In Your Calculus Class Like You

jamie 2.gifShe will be more into you than you are into
Chicken McNuggets® (Tumblr)

7. McDonald’s® Will Make You Popular

friends are fun for more than just that.gifLook! Friends will just pop outta nowhere
when you consume! (Giphy)

8. McDonald’s® Cures All Of Your Ailments

cure all.gifAnd we mean ALL of them (Pinterest)

9. You NEED McDonald’s®

anderson cooper.gifCONSUME THE PRODUCT (Tenor)

10. McDonald’s® Is Your Friend

friendfriendfriend.gifWE ARE FRIEND (diasporg)

11. … And You Wouldn’t Abandon Your Friend, Right?

family.gifWe are like family…
and that is how we go stay (Tenor)

What are you still doing here?


Go to McDonald’s® right now!

fries are fun.gifCONSUME THE PRODUCT (Giphy)

… or else!

mcdonalds-zombieyou don’t want to know (Photobucket)

Please visit the McDonald’s® website for more information: (®) .com/us/en-us.html

..and remember to CONSUME THE PRODUCT!


1 thought on “Top 11 Reasons You Should Stop What You Are Doing And Go To McDonalds® Right Now

  1. Glad my tweet about McDonald’s could inspire this. Definitely like the bigger implications of your blog even though its cringeworthy at times. This blog was funny and definitely #relatable, McDonald’s will totally make me hotter and more popular so I’m off to get a Big Mac rn. (but next time leave my bff Anderson Cooper out of it)


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