15 Things Every College Student Should Do Before They Graduate

Your time is college is the best four years of your entire (admittedly boring, mundane) life!

simpson college.gif(simpsons.wikia.com)

However, those four years go by faster than your attention in that one class with the one professor that does that one thing!

profprofprof.gif#Relatable, huh? (The Odyssey Online)

Don’t you worry! #Relatable has got you covered! Here are the (#) things that every college student, like yourself, should do before you graduate and realize your degree wasn’t worth all those student loans you took out

1. Having your body brought to the Ibu, or “Place of Purification,” and letting the embalmers wash your body in palm water and water from the Nile River

#Soothing (The British Museum)

2. Letting the embalmers make an incision on the left side of your body and remove most of your internal organs

#Ouch, am I right? (The British Museum)

3. Letting the embalmers cover you in linen and stuff your body with Natron, an embalming fluid, to dry you out

#Blanketsarecool (The British Museum)

4. After waiting for 40 long days, letting the embalmers wash you again in a series of essential oils and water from the Nile River

#40DayVacay (The British Museum)

5. Letting the embalmers return your dehydrated internal organs, wrapped in linen, into your body with leaves, linen and other materials to make your body look lifelike

#NoFilter (The British Museum)

6. Having your body wrapped with strips of fine, locally-sourced linens

#WhoNeedsAFaceMask (The British Museum)

7. Making sure that the embalmers wrapped your body the properly and ensuring that they place amulets between the linens to protect your body in the afterlife
                                              #CustomerServiceSucks (The British Museum)

8. Having your priest loudly read spells and incantations while your being wrapped to ward off evil spirits and help you in your journey to the underworld

#AreTheseSpellsVegan (The British Museum)

9. Having your arms and legs tied together with a papyrus scroll from the Book of the Dead, that you totally got 50% off on Amazon, placed between your hands.

#WhatADeal (The British Museum)


10. Letting the embalmers re-wrap your body in linens, with every layer painted with liquid resin to glue everything together

#WrapItBeforeUTapIt (The British Museum)

11. Getting wrapped with cloth with a giant picture of the god Osiris painted on top

#IfItAintBaroqueDontFixIt (The British Museum)

12. Getting wrapped AGAIN with MORE strips of linen wrapped around you

#stacksonstacks (The British Museum)

13. Getting embarrassed by your family as they mourn over your body at your funeral

#UghMomUREmbarrassingMe (The British Museum)

14. Finally getting to experience the “Opening of the Mouth” ritual so you can eat and drink in the afterlife

#BestBatMitzvahEva (The British Museum)

15. Finally getting to experience the underworld after you’re placed in your sarcophagus and surrounded by all your #dank stuff in your large stone tomb

mummy.gif#FINALLY (picture-inc.com)

Did we miss anything? What do you think everyone should do before they graduate college? Let us know in the comments below!

Visit the British Museum’s Website for more information on all the other #lit, #dank things you should do before you graduate here: http://bit.ly/2dXZAGS



2 thoughts on “15 Things Every College Student Should Do Before They Graduate

  1. This is hilarious. When you started with the gif of Ted, I thought this post was going to go in a completely different way than it did. Nonetheless, I read all the way to the bottom. Also, the hashtags that you used under the picture were really clever (and funny). This is definitely something I could see circulating social media. Looking forward to reading more!


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